Lisa Schultz

  • How long have you worked for OCP, and how has your role progressed? I started working for OCP in 2010. Building Information Modeling practices were just starting to become more common outside the mechanical subcontractors area. So OCP hired me as a virtual design and construction coordinator to develop their BIM capacities. Today I manage the BIM processes for all three offices making sure that OCP stays ahead of the technology and BIM practices in the industry.

  • What brought you to the construction industry, and what made you stay? I was doing retail design work in 2009 for a large design firm here in Columbus, and the retail construction market started to really slow down. A lot of my friends and coworkers started getting laid off, so I realized it was time for a change. I started looking for job ads and applying; I guess it was just the right place, at the right time really. I’ve stayed in the construction industry not just because I like watching something come from the ground up, but also because the people that I work with here at OCP and on the job sites are just a great team.

  • What is your favorite aspect of your job? Well I guess I’m a little bit of a nerd. I love technology and innovation. The best part of my job would be keeping up with all the new tech that is being developed for the construction industry. I love testing new software and technical equipment, things that are really going to change the way that we do work.

  • How have women's roles in the industry changed since you started? Well, the first few projects that I worked on I would be the only woman at the table. There would always be an admin answering the phones who was a woman, but other than that it was just boy’s club. The last few projects that I’ve worked on, now I’m seeing more women that are in the meetings. Whether they’re electrical contractors or mechanical contractors, or safety people. Pretty much any position that’s out there I’ve now come across at least one woman that’s worked in that role.

  • How did your career in construction begin? Well, it’s a funny story actually. My first job interview in the construction industry was sitting at a conference table with four gentlemen asking me questions about my education and background. When one of the older guys looked up and said, “Why do you want to work in construction? You do understand construction is dirty don’t you?” And I didn’t know what to say, so I looked at him and simply said “because I look good in construction safety green.” I think that interview was what really helped me decided that I could work in the construction industry, and that I could overcome whatever obstacles that I might come up against as a woman in construction.