Epworth United Methodist Church

Toledo, OH

  • Epworth United Methodist Church

    Epworth United Methodist Church

    Toledo, OH

At A Glance

  • Completion Date: October 2018
  • Market: Renovation, Religion
  • Scope of Work
  • Cold-Formed Metal Framing, Metal Trusses, EIFS, Metal Studs, Drywall, Finish Carpentry

"Miller Diversified is grateful for team member’s like OCP and hopes to work together on many more projects in the future.”

- Bill Ruch, Miller Diversified Construction Project Manager

The Epworth United Methodist Church has diligently served the community in Toledo since 1894. In the church’s vibrant 124 year history, the congregation’s continued growth has brought about moves, additions, and remodels to the church’s campus. In late 2017, as the congregation again outgrew their space, the church set about raising funds to complete an addition to the church and renovations to the existing lobby and main chapel, allowing the church to serve a larger population.

In addition to regular church service, and youth and adult bible study classes, Epworth United Methodist Church is also home to a state-accredited preschool during the week. The continually increasing enrollment of classes at the church prompted the church’s addition needs, which were designed to accommodate space for new classrooms. In total, 8 classrooms and a children’s church were added to the existing facility. The addition is tied in on the main floor of the existing facility, which also underwent renovations to the lobby and main chapel areas. Of utmost importance to all partners on the project was ensuring that the church achieved the desired design aesthetic while remaining within the budget funded by the congregation’s donations.

As a key community partner in the Toledo-area for 50 years, OCP Contractors is proud to have helped bring this project to completion. The OCP team leveraged expertise to assist the church in value engineering the project so that cost could be mitigated where possible while still achieving the proposed design. Specifically, OCP’s assistance with wall heights and material selections were significant in cutting cost on the project. Furthermore, the OCP skilled trades team maintained the project’s schedule, another important component to maintaining budget. Despite harsh winter conditions at the start of construction, the OCP skilled trades team completed 64,000-square-feet of exterior framing and roof trusses on-time.

The quality work of the OCP skilled trades team can be seen in the woodworking completed in the chapel and entrance canopy. The canopy at the entrance of the addition consists of 6-inch by 2-inch tongue and groove wood slates which were drawn together with 8-inch screws giving the canopy a high-end finished look.

When asked of their experience in working with OCP Contractors, Bill Reich Miller Diversified, Inc. Project Manager, stated “Miller Diversified Construction wishes to give thanks and show our appreciation for a project well done at Epworth United Methodist Church on W. Central Ottawa Hills Ohio. This project had many challenges between the rough exterior construction starting in the dead of winter to the ongoing interaction with the congregation as the project enlarged the existing lobby and each weekend required all subcontractors to leave a clean and organized workspace. The professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to detail were greatly appreciated. From the inception working with OCP during estimating with Mike Anderson and negotiating the full project which included structural stud framing, metal truss system, interior walls and ceiling and the finish carpentry to the project manager Dan Bartolet keeping track of the contingency and change orders OCP was a great partner. Our site foreman Carl Fausze was top notch, meeting every schedule we requested, flowing with interruptions (when the church had an event) and maintaining quality throughout. Carl did not complete the project alone, though he may say he did, I will say every individual working on this project desired to show professionalism in all their work. Miller Diversified is grateful for team member’s like OCP and hopes to work together on many more projects in the future.”