Toolbox Talk - January 2020

Written by Matt Taylor, CHST, SMS

I would like to thank every employee for the success of 2019's safety program. In 2019 all offices met the goals for total injury rates and we had the lowest recordable rate ever overall.

Safety is at the core of OCP’s culture and always should be our first thought before we start any task. Each day we must continue to strive for zero accidents. This can and has happened in two offices. It takes everyone’s participation in sharing ideas, speaking up when things are wrong, and pre-planning tasks.

Along with a great year for lower accidents, I would like to congratulate all job sites and the employees on them, that went through OSHA inspections this year with no violations, this is a great accomplishment. I encourage all employees to bring up any complaints to either Foreman, Regional Safety Managers, Project Managers, Superintendents, Matt Taylor, and or Tom Lutgring so that your concerns can be fixed immediately.

As a reminder every employee has the authority and responsibility to stop any unsafe work.

Once again thanks to everyone who participated in a remarkably safe 2019. With your contributions we look forward to an even safer 2020.