Clark Townsend

Message to the Team - October 2017

Seeing OCP Contractors grow as a company throughout my time here has been exciting. OCP is a company that refuses to sit idle while the industry changes all around it. OCP forces itself to stay on the cutting edge. These continued efforts have certainly had an impact on field operations. The men and women that we employ in the field have not always had it easy when these changes come through. We always find a way to work through the issues and leave the customer smiling and wanting more.

Without the efforts that have been put forth by those on the front lines of the company we would not be able to implement anything that we have in recent years. Without that implementation, we would not have been able to set ourselves apart. As the organization continues to grow, I am confident that we will continue to push through the way we have.

As we take on the challenges that lay ahead, new opportunities for learning and development will present themselves. We will take them on the way we always do; with tenacity and a clear view of what advances we stand to obtain.

Thank you all for your tremendous efforts. I very much look forward to the years ahead.

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