Ed Sellers

Message to the Team - July 2018

One of the many reasons OCP has been successful for the past 50 years is that we are continually training, to further develop all of our employees and processes. It is our strong belief that our employees are our greatest asset, and that by consistently providing on the job training we are able to place each of you in a better position to thrive.

We provide strict safety training for all employees, ensuring that everyone makes it home safe at the end of the day. Our strict safety training most often exceeds OSHA requirements to ensure that everyone is provided with the wherewithal to safely navigate the jobsite. Matt Taylor’s Toolbox Talk is one of the many examples of how consistent training benefits us on the jobsite and within the industry as whole. I too would like to extend my thanks to the fireproofing crew on the Beacon project.

Training not only encompasses safety, but professional development in other aspects of our business. Aside from safety training on the jobsite, we also offer other project-specific training for those in the office doing things such as project management or project estimating. This ongoing training is essential to our continued success.

As we continue to optimize our processes through training and education we further our foothold in the industry as the Contractor of Choice, a tagline I am proud to boast.

Should you ever have any safety questions, or feel you need further training I encourage you to reach out to your office’s safety team or general manager.