Matt Townsend

Message to the Team - January 2019

Happy New Year, Team OCP! I hope you each enjoyed spending time with friends and loved ones over the holidays. And thank you all for making us a part of your holidays by partaking in your local office’s party (Toledo, we’re excited for next month!).

In 2018 we were fortunate to celebrate 50 years as the Contractor of Choice, largely in part to you. After hearing your feedback throughout the year, the management team met in early January to develop our 2019 strategic plan. The hard work of each of you contributes to a much greater community, and we are so excited to continue safely building with each of you.

In 2019 we’re striving for our best year yet. Thanks to a booming economy in downtown Columbus and innovative construction methods, our work is Defining the Skyline. Throughout Cleveland, we maintain a reputation as the sought-after, high-quality contractor. Our work throughout Toledo has built a community and is now building ProMedica’s largest construction project.

We’ve enjoyed getting to know and share with you all more through the Employee of Choice, giveaways, and photo submissions. We encourage you to please keep sharing, and if you ever have any idea, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to reach out. Let’s make it a record year together!