Message to the Team - February 2019

I’d like to start by telling you how much I appreciate each member of the OCP team and that I recognize we wouldn’t be where we are without the contributions made by each one of our employees. Thank you.

With the core team in place and with the help of our awesome employees, we are really making strides in achieving our strategic goal of being “The Contractor of Choice”. This year we will be focusing on Lean Construction. The primary goal of Lean construction is eliminating or minimizing waste at every opportunity. One of the largest wastes in construction is not utilizing talent: Workers on a construction project have a range of skills and experience and in 2019, we will be looking to each employee to help us find and prevent waste on our job sites and within our offices.

We know that because of the efforts of our phenomenal team, we not only had a successful 2018 but we are poised to make 2019 even more successful for the company and for you. It’s an incredible feeling to know that when I go out to clients – both existing and potential, that there’s no way I can oversell the competency and commitment of my team.

Thank you for all you do. My door is always open to you.