Employees of the Month

Employees of Choice - June 2019

Yadiel Alvarez, Ben Finkel, and Brandon Arthur.

OCP’s Employees of Choice are individuals who exemplify the qualities and characteristics that have made our 50 years of success possible. Employees of Choice are employees in the field and office who lead by action to advance safety, productivity, and innovation on projects. Additionally, these employees are consistent, dependable, and contribute to the betterment of the team. Thanks to the hard work of these individuals, OCP has proudly become the interior Contractor of Choice.


Yadiel Alvarez

  • Position: Apprentice Carpenter
  • Length of Employment with OCP: 8 Months

"Yadiel Alvarez (Omar) started with OCP 8 months ago as a brand new (green) apprentice. In that short time, Omar has displayed an exceptional work ethic as well as an eagerness to learn. Omar shows up to work every day with a positive attitude willing to tackle whatever task he is given. Omar is not afraid to ask questions and applies the advice he is given. Omar is always looking ahead for the next step, planning his next move and what equipment and material he will need then relaying that information to his foreman. Omar is a great asset to OCP." - Jason Van Devender, Cleveland Superintendent

  • What is your favorite aspect of the job?
  • Everyone helps each other out, if you are struggling with a challenge, the team is willing to help.
  • What are your hobbies outside of work?
  • Spending time with my family and children.
  • What do you value most about OCP?
  • Everyone respects each other, I like what I do on a daily basis and how the team communicates.

Ben Finkel

  • Position: Apprentice Carpenter
  • Industry Tenure: 3 years
  • Length of Employment with OCP: 7 Months

"Ben is one of those employees that shows up to work ready and eager to learn from his peers, always willing to help out in any way. We appreciate everything he has been and will continue to do for OCP in the future. Thank You Ben." - Jay Waltz, Columbus Superintendent

  • What advice would you give a new employee?
  • Everyone makes mistakes, be sure to learn from them.
  • What would you tell a peer/coworker about your key to success?
  • Always take pride in your work, regardless of the task at hand.
  • Who inspires you?
  • My father.

Brandon Arthur

  • Position: Apprentice Carpenter
  • Industry Tenure: 3 years
  • Length of Employment with OCP: 3 years

"Brandon is a model carpenter apprentice. He is a fast learner and shows up every day on time. You know you have a good apprentice when you have multiple foremen asking for him. Thanks for the hard work Brandon and keep it up." - Chris Gunderman, Toledo Superintendent

"Brandon is a very dedicated and hardworking young man. I can always count on him to do a great job with any task that he is given. He has a great attitude and is always eager to learn aspects of the trade." - Carl Fauze, Toledo Foreman

  • What is your favorite project so far that you have worked on?
  • So far it would have to be the Promedica Generations of Care Hospital. It's such an amazing job to be on. There is a phenomenal team on the project.
  • How do you feel about being nominated Employee of Choice?
  • I am honored, I honestly really was not expecting it. I appreciate it, it means a lot.
  • What do you value most about working for OCP?
  • I would have to say all of the people I come in contact with each day. The characters I have met, all of the really fun, friendly people I have come in contact with and how much I have learned from everyone. I am really happy to be here.
  • What are your hobbies outside of work?
  • I enjoy playing video games.